for your interest in becoming a new patient at Gray Dermatology. Please use the Scheduling Button to make your Consultation Appointment. You can also call us at (419) 998-8297.

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Gray Dermatology offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for issues relating to the skin, hair, and nails. Treatments are individualized based on the patient’s unique needs and requests, and all of our medical staff are dedicated to addressing all of their patients’ questions and concerns.

Care About All Clients

At Gray Dermatology, as a patient, you can expect to be treated with respect and courtesy each time you visit our office. Our board-certified dermatologists and expert staff have the medical expertise to look at all aspects of your skin, hair and nail condition and will work with you to accurately diagnose and treat your skin concerns.

Virtual Visit

For your convenience, Gray Dermatology offers care through online virtual visits through This “virtual care” emulates an in-person appointment in our office, but is conveniently available when you need it most.

Have some Questions?

Our normal operating hours are

Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM

We are able to accommodate appointments as early as the next day. We also have a Virtual Visit option available if you are not able to make it into the office.

In all cases of emergency, please contact 911.

After examining your records and information that has been supplied to us, we will conduct a thorough skin examination, followed by making a diagnosis and discussing your detailed treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions, and we will be glad to address any concerns you may have.

Simple Answer – No! If you would like to have a consultation, simply request an appointment. Of note, however, insurance companies vary in terms and a referral may be needed to ensure proper coverage. Contact your insurance provider for more information on in-network dermatologists and coverage of treatment options.

If you have a spot or area on your skin that is constantly irritated, bleeds for no reason, or has changed in size, shape, and/or color, it needs to be examined by a dermatologist within a month. Know your body and perform regular self-exams.