Chemical Peels

How do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical Peels are able to resurface the skin by introducing a controlled wound to the treated area, thereby removing the top layers of skin and the sun damage, impurities and redness along with it.

The healing process promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells that eventually make their way to the skin’s surface and give patients a radiant glow.

What to expect during and after the treatment?

Prior to treatment, the skin is cleansed and all traces of makeup or sunscreen are removed. The chemical peel is applied by your provider over the desired areas, and is left to sit for 3-5 minutes.

The sensation during treatment is described as a mild stinging, and subsides within a few minutes. The remainder of the peel will then be removed, and the patient is free to return to normal daily activities. Immediately following the treatment, the skin may feel tight and appear slightly red. Typically between 48-72 hours after treatment, the skin will begin to peel.

The amount of time spent in the peeling stage depends on the strength of the chemical peel applied. Peeling is normal and can be easily managed through the use of cleanser and moisturizer. 

What are chemical peels good for?

Chemical peels can help with the following issues:

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dryness
  • Sunspots
  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Actinic keratoses – spots that could be a precursor to skin cancer

Types of Peels:

Superficial peels:  these peels are best for minor skin imperfections and acne.  They can help with pigmentation and clogged pores.  They have the least amount of downtime.

Medium-depth peels:  these peels are more aggressive and can help with fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation issues.  They have a moderate downtime.

Deep peels:  these peels are the most aggressive and effectively resurface the entire skin, leading to near-complete obliteration of deep wrinkles.  They have the longest amount of downtime (some over a week) and are associated with the most side effects of all the peeling agents.  However, if done correctly, can take decades off of your appearance.